Visi dan Misi


Pass learner’s steadfast faith, academic achievement, and insight the nation in terms of Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah

1. Indicators of Steadfast Faith

    • Always the oneness of Allah
    • The integration of learning and dhikr
    • The acquisition of knowledge for improving faith
    • Run the Islamic shar`i accordance with the teaching of Ahlussunnah wal jamaah

2. Indicators of Academic Achievement

    • Academic achievement in accordance with competency standards
    • Academic achievement through hard effort, independent, and uphold the value of honestly
    • Can implement the academic achievement in the daily lives
    • Contributes to ahlussunah wal jamaah

3. Indicators of Insight The Nation

    • Responsible for the unity of Indonesian nation
    • Uphold the values of humanity
    • Vigilant in facing the danger of latent that harass the life of the nation
    • Vigilant in facing the danger of latent that disturbing the life of the nation
    • Reflect Muslim generation who runs the teaching of Ahlussunnah waljamaah that Islam is rahmatal lil ‘alamin



1. Be a leading innovation MTs

    • Innovation in learning
    • Innovation in working
    • Innovation in mastery of concept
    • Innovation in mastery of procedural

2. Be MTS that can synergize IQ, EQ, and SQ

    • Learners can synergize IQ, EQ, and SQ in worshipping and Muammalah
    • Teachers and educators are able to synergize IQ, EQ, and SQ in worshipping and educating

3. Be MTS that capable in delivering the learners above competency standard

    • Learning process must be above the standard
    • Academic achievement above predetermined MCC
    • The graduates can be accepted in higher education through a test track
    • There are support activities in academic achievement