Tujuan Madrasah

The Aim to be achieved by MTsB

In 2017

  1. Basic standard curriculum 2013 revision 2016 began to arrange document 1 and 2
  2. Do adoption and adaptive curriculum 2013 revised edition with Cambridge curriculum
  3. Educators can implement assessment standards
  4. Implementing strategies to achieve graduation standards in accordance with the curriculum SKL 2013
  5. Manufacturing UNBK laboratories according to the standard
  6. Improving management of Madrasah through school based management
  7. Assessing appropriate national and international curriculum standard
  8. Educators can carry out the learning process in accordance with the procedure


In 2018

  1. Basic raising the effectiveness of curriculum both national and international curriculum
  2. Increasing the effectiveness of learning process meaningfully
  3. Improving the performance of teachers and education personnel through a system of performance awards
  4. The addition of new classrooms
  5. School based management be more effective
  6. Increasing the effectiveness programs of increasing graduation standard
  7. Increasing the effectiveness of the assessment result
  8. Increasing operation cost and investment coast


In 2019

  1. Has been steadily implementing national and international curriculum
  2. Educators have been steadily implementing learning process in accordance with national and international curriculum
  3. Assessment has been implemented steadily
  4. Occur the significant increase mainly the quality graduates to enter in higher education
  5. The fulfillment facilities and infrastructure in a comprehensive manner
  6. The fulfillment all operational coast and investment coast of Madrasah
  7. Educators and education personnel have been increasing his or her professional significantly.
  8. Madrasah has been managed professionally by reference


In 2020

  1. Innovation and implementation of national and international curriculum
  2. Doing learning innovation
  3. Adding the competence of graduates
  4. Enhance learning facilities
  5. Providing sufficient budget for investment cost
  6. Managing Madrasah based on international standard management
  7. Improving the quality and qualification of educators
  8. Doing more comprehensive assessment